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Program Description

This is an exciting elective course offered in grade 11 for beginning guitarists with little or no experience on the instrument. In a collaborative and supportive environment students will learn open chords, power chords, movable chords, single note (melody) playing, accompaniment techniques, and a variety of playing techniques and styles with a focus on the music they love. The course also includes music fundamentals, theory, songs, performances, listening, improvising, and learning to read standard music notation as well as tablature.

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Etude Music Parent Info Mar. 2016


Junior Etude gr 7-8 MONDAYS at 8:00am

Senior Band gr 9-11 WEDNESDAYS at 8:00am

Senior ETUDE Band Thursdays at 8:00am


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Etude classes of Ms.Strunc’s multi “dimensional” project featuring Music Etude classes grades 7-11 and special guests Westwood Senior high music students, check...