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Music Fundraising Committee

Music Fundraising Committee

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the Lindsay Place High School Music program! We are excited that you are
interested in our Music Fundraising Committee.

The Fundraising Committee’s goal is to do whatever it takes to support our music staff, and
our hard-working, talented children! We are always looking for parents who want to help raise
money for our music program or who wish to volunteer at any of our fine events.

The involvement of parent volunteers is absolutely essential for the success of our outstanding
music program and our students. With the many events on our calendar, it takes the time and
energy of a small army to accomplish everything.

We encourage you to purchase a music t-shirt, polo or sweater. This makes it easy to recognize
other music parents in the community and show your support at the same time. We encourage
you to become an integral part of this support team, be involved with your student, and have
a little FUN along the way! Someday your child will thank you! If you wish to join the Music
Fundraising Committee, please contact us for more information.

The Music Staff

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